Thursday, 31 December 2015



Berat = 0.15gm

RM10.00 MIN 3 PCS
RM9.00 MIN 6 PCS

Product Description :

Popular entertainment products, the real star products!Activity is almost always used before artifact!Finally came to our side ~

South Korea and the domestic many star net GongDou in recommended!~
What is the product just let countless stars are in use?
My name is DD
I'm not cream!Also not emulsion!
It was not oily water embellish, simple sense is indescribable, just like haagen-dazs, though sweet, but you don't feel greasy.Pro, quick to feel!Haagen-dazs is changed on the skin feeling, super cool!
Efficacy: effect compare bare a thin white looks particularly good nature is the most main push the usual BB dense texture can only take away the DD artifact directly on the face wipe away the skin white and tender thin water drops a little not greasy!In a word, you're worth it ~ ~!

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